Having as its main aim the reutilization of material originating from periodical replacement aircraft components, the UPCYLCING BY TAP project, aims to present to the market, several original and unique objects with a very special touch. In order to achieve this, we invited several plastic artists, craftsmen, designers and schools to present their vision and interpretation of this project, combined with their technique to create artistic, original, exclusive, serial numbered pieces signed by the author’s themselves.
The first pieces elaborated, namely the “Sitting Lamp”, “Standing Lamp” and “Time Flies” result from the joint work between TAP Air Portugal, Vargas Joalheiros SA and the plastic artist ZÉVI (José Victor) making available to the public, exclusive and autographed pieces in a numbered edition limited to 50 pieces.

The results are soulful pieces, crammed with history and reinterpreted through their authors, making them even more special!



We give life to our company’s historical pieces!

TAP’s upcycling project consists in the creative recycling of material considered as waste, useless or unusable products on our aircrafts and reusing them to give life to unique and exclusive pieces, whilst also simultaneously relieving the ecological impact of this waste on the environment.

This is a main concern for our airline in its mission for environmental quality.
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